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Re: I disagree

Lin Evans wrote:

Above you say "I don't own a camera".....

In context.. a sigma camera, that is why I don't post in the sigma forum.

I'm confused, Richard. Do you or do you not have a "Canon" camera -
or do you or do you not have "any" camera?

No, I just have a bunch of lenses. I use them to burn ants on the sidewalk.

It would be hard for me to say "when people are comparing a brand that I have" if I did not own a camera.:)

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and nothing wrong with
expressing your opinion. On the other hand there is nothing wrong
with people correcting you when you obviously do not have your facts

You have not corrected me on anything other than the spelling of Foveon, you are entitled to your opinion but I have dismissed

1. Foveon - it doesn't matter whether you are a native English
speaker. The company name is the company name. You have repeatedly
spelled it incorrectly so one can only assume you are mocking people
who have pointed out your error.

Ass-u-me, you shouldn't do that. I wasn't mocking anyone. I really forgot how to spell it. Probably because I have heard several people talk about it and say it wrong.

2. Foveon - doesn't make cameras. Your second error.....

I know that sigma makes the camera and Foveon makes the sensor and they are now one company. I don't remember saying that Foveon made cameras though I may have lumped sigma/foveon together because Sigma only produces dslrs with foveon sensors and foveon only sells to sigma (but this is only what I have seen so far, as far as I know, neither manufacture has worked with any other company.)

3. Sigma makes superior lenses. The context of your earlier post
implied that you didn't realize this.

I disagree, they do not make superior lenses, maybe to tameron, but not to Nikon or Canon. Sorry, I have tested them and many reviews online have been printed or posted. There are a few great lenses but I can only think of one 50 1.4 that I would consider superior in IQ though lacking in build and AF focus.

4. You draw conclusions about color fidelity and IQ based on a single
image which has not been color corrected. Neither the Canon nor the
Sigma image are proper in terms of absolute color. Saturation and
tone are completely adjustable in the conversion software and
"defaults" are rarely spot on.

At least you agree, the image posted needs huge color correction. IMHO it was oversaturated too. From what I seen, the Canon did it much better. From other images created by sigma/foveon those images often had color issues as well. The canon and nikon are much better in this aspect. Can you correct the sigma/foveon images? Sure, but the closer to correct, the less time I have to spend in photoshop. Many people buy these cameras so they can also shoot snapshots as well as spend hours in photoshop making corrections, it appears the sigma/foveon is not a good camera for this (snap shots) which would limit there distribution and comumption by the average consumer.

That is my comment. Also the canon image was sharper and contained more detail, a problem you cannot fix in photoshop. Not that it is a problem, but shows the the progression of technology stops for no one, not even sigma/foveon.

You are always welcome to post in the Sigma forum and about Foveon

Thanks. But as I stated before, I don't own a camera (a sigma) so I cannot contribute to your forum. But when someone posts images of sigma/foveon and say the images are rich in color and higher resolution than the latest offerings by other companies I will probably post a rebuttle.

It is too bad that DXO does not test the foveon sensor, it would put to rest how well the sensor does either telling us that it is not as good or it is better than the current cameras. But it doesn't, but they don't have to tell me, I have eyes and can form an opinion which is, nothing to date has shown me the sigma camera images are close to the competitors in resolution, or color rendition. It is a nice camera, if you are willing to spend the time in photoshop to fix the problems then you can get some good images out of it as we have seen by those who take the time to adjust them.

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