Pentax K20D versus Samsung G20...

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Re: Pentax K20D versus Samsung G20...

JohnClif wrote:

Looking at the DxOMark website, they show the Samsung G20 as being
slightly better in terms of IQ over the Pentax K20D.

This is a combination of weighting of things that don't matter (colour sensitivity), mis-stating the number of active photosites of the GX-20, and sample variations with a couple of parameters of the Samsung being better as to noise and one, the ISO sensitivity being slightly worse.

These are the same camera, with the same sensor.

Yes, basically.

Does the G20
firmware make that much of a difference?

No, none at all in raw as measured here.

And, why do you get slightly
higher-res photos with the G20 over the K20D?

That's a "mis-statement" from Samsung not properly checked by DxO.

Has Pentax released a
firmware update to bring the two cameras in line, performance-wise?

They are exactly in line performance-wise, with a strong possibility that newer production runs of each will have slightly better sensors both as to mid ISO noise as in this GX-20 sample and in less hot/stuck photosites.

Regards, GordonBGood

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