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Re: Resolution versus detail......

I'd be careful about the DR claim. It may be true, but images like this are too uncontrolled to use as evidence. It only need a slight difference in exposure or a slight change in lighting or processing to overturn the small apparent difference. Better tests are needed to determine that one.

Lin Evans wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Does aliasing play a role? Undoubtedly. But with the SD14 capture I
can absolutely determine that on the right side of the image there is
chain-link fencing. I would only know this from the 50D capture
because of a small amount of visible hint along the top of the chain
link frame. Likewise with the detail on the welded seam on the huge
wheel. It's hardly discernable in the 50D capture but rather obvious
in the SD14.

What utter nonsense. Seriously; with all the expertise that you claim
to have, how you can look at the 50D image and NOT recognize that
it either has heavy JPEG compression, and or noise or moire reduction
applied without constraint?

Sorry John,

I left my crystal ball at the office. I didn't design the Canon jpg

Here's what the 50D looks like, out of DPP:

I can't tell from your postage stamp post........

Now, which has both more resolution and detail?

"Resolution" and "detail" are just the metric abstraction and the
practical consequence of the same underlying phenomena.

I suspect that the greater color resolution uniformity of the SD14
plays a role here and perhaps better dynamic range even thought the
50D has very good DR. The differences are quite apparent to me.
Better resolution from the 50D, more revealed detail from the SD14.

Bee Ess.

No, the BS is coming from the peanut gallery - you seem always to
have an opinion based on what? Your extensive experience with the
Foveon processor?
Which part of greater color resolution uniformity don't you
understand?? Which part of better dynamic range don't you understand?
I see greater shadow detail in the SD14 conversion than in the 50D
conversion and I don't see blown highlights. That says greater
dynamic range to me....

Let me hold the mirror for you to see the "Bee Ess" - LOL


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