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Re: Why'd you click on the thread then?

Yes, that was an interesting comparison because it showed something about top end small sensor compacts: their performance is patchy across the frame. Where everything works well, image quality is excellent but where the NR gets it wrong you get the blurry patches.

miketuthill wrote:
Being an eternal optimist I have hopes that an interesting comparison
thread will be posted before we reach 1000.

Seriously though, just a week or so ago a fellow posted a comparison
between the DP1 and the Nikon P6000. That thread didn't seem to draw
the religious fervor normally seen and I did benefit from that
comparison as did my wife who will be finding a P6000 in her xmas
stocking this year (despite the DP1 having better IQ IMO).

Thanks for asking though.

Leo DiCaplio wrote:

If you're tired of comparisons, why bother reading a thread that says

Having seen this happen for the 657th time.....

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