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Re: I don't do that sorry.

LMC54 wrote:

What you wrote sounds reasonable. One thing about digital you are
not confined to a particular work flow and not confined to an
automatic state within a RAW converter, actually there is no such
thing as "look what I did out of the camera (with a big smile looking
back to film days)". I have no idea about the world of jpeg since I
do avoid in-camera autoworld.

Larry, Let me underline your good point re RAW vs JPEG again... for Richard I doubt many of us (Sigma SD14 and DP1 users) shoot for in-cam or the embedded JPEGs... we do RAW and process the RAW to photos... and of course the SD9 and SD10 are strictly RAW cameras.

Thus this whole comparison thread is kind of, well frankly, useless. That's the first thing which struck me with Arky's (OP) initial post, ie here come JPEGs again and then the little crops and pixel peeping, and and. But even then notice the JPEG holds up in general to the other camera. Imagine processing properly The "unresolved" bird was the funniest thing in the thread IMHO.

Best output from the SD14 or DP1 isn't the in-camera JPEG engine... it's from a processed RAW. The SD14 and DP1 have embedded JPEGs in the RAW file... which is what the OP pulled out from the SD14 and put online. You get better results processing TO a JPEG output in a RAW processor... rather than using on on-camera JPEG setting or pulling out the embedded JPEG.
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