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Re: What I see.

Come now, richard, this is going too far. Sigma, like the system makers, build lenses at all prices. Some Sigma lenses are cr*p; some are mediocre, some are good and some are superb. Exactly the same as Canon and Nikon's line ups.

I have two superb Sigma lenses (the 10-20 and the 100-300HSM) which can match anything the big brands have in that range. I have two copies of the 18-125 which are good performers, just as good as the on brand superzooms. I have the cheapy 55-200 which is just about the cheapest tele zoom you can buy and yet easily outresolves the 12MP sensor in my 450D, even wide open.

I have the 28-80 Nikon lens that shipped with the F80 and a Canon 80-200USM zoom which are very average indeed.

Each potential lens must be evaluated on its merits not based on brand.

Richard wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Hi Richard,

Just a couple observations. First, if you are going to discuss the
sensors at least know enough about them to spell the name "Foveon"

True, to me Faveon was not a real big deal so it was not important
for me to learn how to spell it.

Second, Foveon doesn't make cameras and never did. Sigma makes the
camera, Foveon designed the sensor.

I understand this, maybe my post made you think otherwise. I was
talking about sigma cameras with a faveon sensor.

Third, Sigma makes excellent lenses, some as good as anything Canon
or Nikon has produced.There is no magic in full frame 24mmx36mm
sensors and 21mp is not the be-all-end-all either. Sony makes a 24mp
sensor for their top-of-line dSLR.

We will have to disagree here, I have owned Sigma, Canon, and Nikon
lenses, Sigma has never been able to compete, only cost wise. There
are a few Sigma lenses that are tremendous values, the 70-200 is one
of them, but it still cannot match Canon or Nikon. I will say I am
very impressed with the 50 1.4, it is better than both Canon and
Nikon IQ wise but it suffers in other areas and the N/C lenses are
cheaper. I have had some experience with this.

Did anyone say that Sigma cameras were anything other than a "niche"
market? I don't recall anyone arguing otherwise.

No, but I think Sigma would like to be a player, move forward and
take some market share from the big 2, I think users of Sigma would
like that to be the case as well. It would seem to be the logical
progression to a company that makes cameras.

"We" have already seen very good things from Foveon for a number of
years now and expect to see continued improvement and advancement
both from the sensor and the camera just as with all other brands.

No one is trying to "justify" their purchase here. Most of us have
sufficient resources to own about any brand or type camera available.
Some of us use nearly all major brands as well as Sigma.

While I agree that you have the resources to buy any camera, that
does not seem to be the objective of the OP and many who I have seen
post these type of posts.

Best regards,


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