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Lin Evans
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Re: I disagree

Richard wrote:

Well I for one almost never post in the sigma forum. That is because
I don't own a camera. I don't even monitor the forum but it pops up
on the front of DPreview, I would look to see what might be going on.
Something new. I read that Sigma was buying Faveon. That sounds like
good news to me. So anyway this thread caught my attention. Then I
see someone comparing the sigma to a canon as well as the sensor
comparison and saying things like. "Foveon: Rich, full and ripe
colour and tones. Have a look at the rendition of the sky in the
Canon 50D shot: Flat, dull and boring - But it's a 14bit, 15MP file
(in RAW) - so there is plenty more information that can still be
recovered. The SD14 picked up all that info - and more without having
to look for it."

Above you say "I don't own a camera".....

I have a right to my opinion and I have just as much right to post in
the Sigma SLR forum when people are comparing a brand that I have. I
disagree with the comments. Though I did not take the picture, the
sky on the canon looks more natural. If you want to make it look
oversaturated and unnatural like the faveon, you can do it.

Above you say "people are comparing a brand that I have".....

I'm confused, Richard. Do you or do you not have a "Canon" camera - or do you or do you not have "any" camera?

But I just posted my opinion. The OP was doing a comparison and he
said.. "Feel free to download, modify, print, crop, re-post and point
out the obvious deficiencies of these comparison images."

I am pointing out that the Canon to my eye looks sharper and more
natural color. And also has the ability in raw to make the image look
as fake and oversaturated as the Faveon. That is my opinion, that is
what I pointed out. I am not saying that all the Faveon images are
fake or oversaturated, I am saying this example is. But that is my
eye and my opinion. You may have a different opinion, but instead of
posting that or posting a rebuttle to my post, you point out people
like me have a deficiency in my live that causes me to post you your
forum, when it was only because it popped up to the front page of
DPreview and I looked at it, thus posting my opinion. Nothing
deficient about that, just that I have an opinion.

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. On the other hand there is nothing wrong with people correcting you when you obviously do not have your facts straight.

1. Foveon - it doesn't matter whether you are a native English speaker. The company name is the company name. You have repeatedly spelled it incorrectly so one can only assume you are mocking people who have pointed out your error.

2. Foveon - doesn't make cameras. Your second error.....

3. Sigma makes superior lenses. The context of your earlier post implied that you didn't realize this.

4. You draw conclusions about color fidelity and IQ based on a single image which has not been color corrected. Neither the Canon nor the Sigma image are proper in terms of absolute color. Saturation and tone are completely adjustable in the conversion software and "defaults" are rarely spot on.

I will not post in this forum again, but if the sigma forum ever
generates enough interest to drive the post to the front of DPreview
again (which is rare) I may choose to comment or not to comment.

You are always welcome to post in the Sigma forum and about Foveon processors.

Best regards,


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