Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: What I see.

sergifotocat wrote:


The correct name of the brands are: Foveon/Sigma, Canion, Nikin,
Olympass, Pentix, Sumsang, and Penisonic (sorry if I forgot some
other brand).

Well, you won't find me attacking your spelling. First, I know some people are in a hurry, some are at a disadvantage and do not speak english that well. I don't attack those people because I am more interested in what they have to say, not how well they can spell. This site is lacking compared to many sites that it does not have a spell checker. (Even if it did, not sure if it would have faveon in the dictionary, the company is too small.)

Talking about the SD14 vs 50D comparison, Foveon or Sigma have never
claimed that SD14 is 15MP, so although it's expected Canon to show
more resolution, SD14 compares very well in resolution/detail terms
(I can't see Canon image showing more detail than Sigma, although
rendition is smoother and cleaner), and surpases 50D in DR.


The faveon looks pretty good as far as resolution and detail, but not as good as the Canon. The color rendition has much to be desired, it looks like it has a colorcast. But that is my opinion. You have yours.

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