Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Why do people get passionate.

Personally, I am not passionate about faveon. If I were, I would have known how to spell it. That would be a point, there was nothing about it that caused me to look twice at it because for me, the company was too small to really amount to anything that could become a major player. With being bought by sigma, maybe it will go somewhere.

People are bashing, they are bashing people who cannot spell a obscure company that has almost no market penetration, no marketing, no history. Sorry if it did, I would probably known how to spell it.

What I do see here is in reaction to my comment, people have personally attacked me and my spelling to detract from my point about trying to justify their purchase.

This poster was saying the faveon was better. I disagree, the colors of the canon are more natural. The Faveon looks artificial and over saturated if they are right out of the camera. In this case, I judge Canon to be better.

"Foveon: Rich, full and ripe colour and tones. Sigma: Really need to nail the exposure accurately. In this case, it seems pretty good.

"Bayer: Acceptable but flat colour and tones. Canon: Really need to nail the exposure accurately.

Did I say the same thing about exposure for both Canon and Sigma... Well... I did too. Have a look at the rendition of the sky in the Canon 50D shot: Flat, dull and boring - But it's a 14bit, 15MP file (in RAW) - so there is plenty more information that can still be recovered. The SD14 picked up all that info - and more without having to look for it.

abarth wrote:

Why do people get so passionate about things they can't even spell

People here are not bashing anythng, they're just having a discussion
about how similar results from completely different technologies can

People are takling about 'different', it's you who is talking about

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