Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: What I see.

I know several people who could use a Penisonic

sergifotocat wrote:

Richard wrote:

The Canon file looks better in every way. But thats my take. If the
Favion is so much better than bayer pattern sensors why do I keep
seeing these posts that compare the Favion to the next generation
cameras? It is like they are trying to justify their purchase. Ok,
the camera can produce good images. We already know that. A camera is
the sum of its parts, the sensor is only one part. When Favion can
produce a camera that is ff 21mp competitive AF, frame rate, and
weather sealed body, qualitiy lenses, then it will compete. Until
then it will always be a niche market. Maybe now that sigma bought
favion, we will see some good things out of it.


The correct name of the brands are: Foveon/Sigma, Canion, Nikin,
Olympass, Pentix, Sumsang, and Penisonic (sorry if I forgot some
other brand).

I know several people who could use a Penisonic and about a 12" one with a lifetime supply of batteries..

Talking about the SD14 vs 50D comparison, Foveon or Sigma have never
claimed that SD14 is 15MP, so although it's expected Canon to show
more resolution, SD14 compares very well in resolution/detail terms
(I can't see Canon image showing more detail than Sigma, although
rendition is smoother and cleaner), and surpases 50D in DR.


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