200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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Re: Bill - planes and birds

Cameranserai wrote:

Sometimes I wonder just how far some of you go in examining images.
For me it is quite simple - if my images are good enough they sell
and with the 200/400 I've sold plenty. I am not into getting out a
magnifying glass or specialist testing and I guess I am probably like
most users, amateur or pro; if it pleases me it pleases me, full
stop. I'll say here and now that even if the 300mm and 400mm are
sharper, it wouldn't affect my choice of lens because I photograph
motorsport and the zoom allows me to take shots that otherwise would
simply just not be possible. A quarter turn with a flick of the wrist
as the car comes towards me changes from 400mm to 200mm and I can
follow the car in and choose the best shot later. Similarly I use the
70/200, both lenses sometimes with the TC14X but not the 17 or 20.
The latter is so slow to focus that it is useless. No, I read these
threads sometimes for interest's sake but that only. It doesn't
change my opinion of my 200/400 which I consider the best purchase I
have ever made.

Well said..

Think I opened a can of worms by bringing this forward, but seeing great images and great comments more than makes up for it!

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