Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: Inferiority Complex

I should read thoroughly and not be in a haste. Of course this subject gets me motoring with all this voodoo whoodoo.


miketuthill wrote:
See your email Larry.

LMC54 wrote:
Fruitless or not it matters to me what I use. Sorry for my
superiority complex.
Maybe it's time for you to get a Leica.

miketuthill wrote:
No insults intended Larry..if you read my original again you'll
notice that I'm lumping all obsessive pixel peeping comparators,
regardless of brand affiliation, into the same barrel. As Lin noted
maybe I should say "superiority complex":-) I don't dispute their
right to continue this fruitless exercise however I maintain my right
to make personal observations on the practise.

LMC54 wrote:
I feel kind of insulted here. I definitely didn't buy because of
price nor did I buy to feel inferior. I can buy any camera in the
world I want. Actually I paid 1500.00 for a mediocre body. I bought
it because I want to use it. I actually have Sigma logos plastered
all over my gear and proud of it. It beats the pants off my superior
Canons. What can I say, I like how the Foveon per pixel is put
together, basically like the structure of how an image is put
together. Trust me there is a texture to a bayer image. But who
cares just go out and shoot, I'm not here to argue which is better,
I'll letl my work speak to my customers.

miketuthill wrote:

All these bayer vs. foveon comparisons over the years have lead me to
believe that some foveon shooters suffer from inferiority complexes
with regards to their dslr choice much as the Nikon vs. Canon vs.
Olympus vs. Sony vs. Pentax....well maybe not Pentax as nobody
bothers to compare to Pentax.....comparators (is that a word???)

IMO, both shots look ok and both would stand up to a normal sized
printing and only a pixel peeper would give a cats ass about the

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