200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

Started Nov 2, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Do you have TC-14E

jeminijoseph wrote:

I'm asking for a favor. I cannot afford either one now. But in near
future I like get either 300/2.8 VR or 200-400. If the sharpness of
300/2.8 with TC matches the zoom lens alone, then 300/2.8 would be a
better choice for birds as we will be using the long end of the zoom

My birding setup is :

D300 + 500/4VR (+TC, as required)
For small or distant birds

D700 + 200-400VR (no TC)

  • For close-up birds and other wildlife.

  • Also for BIF

I like this setup and find that it gives me the flexibility that I need. Of course, I will sometimes swap things around, and maybe use the D700 + 500/4VR, for example.

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