Who uses a color meter and is it worth the price

Started Nov 21, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Yeah, but...

About getting it right when you shoot.

That's my philosophy, too, and makes sense, in theory.

The problem I see taking the extra time to get color meter readings taken as you move from room to room, as the clouds come and go, etc., etc.

Depending on the caemra, you can set a few custom white balances and switch from one to the other to the third rally quickly, while still be able to select from all the preset, and being able to trust the Automatic White Balance under some circumstances.

Plus, there's RAW waiting to help.

And, when does flash let you take the same light from room to room?

So I guess the real answer depends on how you work. In this day of 1000-shot weddings, with ten pictures each at 100 set-ups, that's a lot of reaching into the scene and pressing buttons and going back to the camera and calling up menus and pressing more buttons.

Good luck.


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