Which Ultra Compact (LX3/F500/F150/F37)

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Which Ultra Compact (LX3/F500/F150/F37)

Hi guys,

I want to buy an ultracompact for travelling / holidays to be used by my wife and me. I intend to print the photos (mostly A6 but also A4) for our family album and perhaps displaying some images on the website (reduced to 1-2Mpixmax)

Last holiday I had my Canon a650 (an awesome camera!) and she used my ex-640 and there was a rather big mess when we tried to organise the photos on the PC and also these camera are bulky to put in my wife's petite handbag or my T-shirt pocket. So I decided to buy a common ultracompact camera for our next holiday on 19th Dec.

After my first wave of research I decided to change from Canon (just to experience something different) and decided upon a Panasonic.

I fancied the FX500 becasue aprat being a good camera, it has x5 Zoom and wide angle, BUT I read some -ve comments on this forum about noise, Image quality and gimmickry (despite good comments in geeral and best buys on mags)?!?

The other contendants are FX150 and new LX3. The latter is appealing, but I have 2 concerns:

Aperture F2.0 - F2.8 ONLY
Zoom x2.5 Only (can be fixed by additional lenses but bye bye compact feature)

I am aware with the lconsequence of the zoom limitation (which is quite a handicap) but I was wondering if the restricted aperture (2.8 max) would cause soft images and lack of depth of field, especially to closeups or zoomed images.

What Ultracompact from Panasonic you suggest?

Is there a sequel of FX3 (rumours says with x5 zoom) or the FX500 ?

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