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Michael Meissner
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Re: No difference on E-510, wireless capability on E-520/420/E-3

Mike_PEAT wrote:

gracejourney wrote:

I would still like to go with an Oly Flash at some point. When I do,
is there a major difference between the fl50 and the FL50R?

It will have little difference on the E-510, but on the E-520 and
newer cameras the FL-50R offers the ability to shoot with the flash
off the camera and do this without wires.

From a pedantic point of view, you can use the FL-50R wirelessly with the E-510 using it in remote slave move (where you put the flash in remote auto or remote manual). You cannot use the flash in remote TTL mode (which allows you to do settings from the camera and use the camera's sensor instead of the flash to judge the lighting). For remote TTL mode, you need the newer E or SP cameras (E-420, E-520, E-3, E-30, SP-560UZ, SP-565UZ, SP-570UZ).

The FL-50R also includes two flash modifiers and a flash stand. My opinion of the flash modifiers isn't that high. I don't like dome modifiers, and the back reflector does not bend, which the Demb fliip-it does and allows for more flexibility.

Finally, I think I've read some grousing that the FL-50R does not work with the FP-01 flash bracket.

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