Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: my take

The aliasing on the cable near the flywheel is also very clear in this shot.

As Lin pointed out with special software one can reduce this to near invisibility but having to use special software to overcome image defects in not ideal: it forces one down a particular workflow and that limits choice and flexibilty.

Better would be not to have the problem inherent in the file. And aliasing is a normal digital phenomenon that can be treated with am AA filter.

I still think sacrificing the last 5% of sharpness (that is only visible in un-resized 100% screen view anyway) would be a worthwhile trade off to get rid of those damned artifacts at source. Lead balloon suggestion around here of course.

oluv wrote:

many in this thread claim the SD14 to be able to resolve more details
despite of having lower resolution. it indeed resolves an impressive
amount of details for a 4.7 megapixel sensor and it compares very
well to the 50D, but by no means it can resolve more details than the
50D. i have looked at various parts of the image, but i have not
found a single part where the SD14 showed more details than the 50D

you can clearly see that the 50D is able to resolve the ropes on the
very top much better, i can count the exact amount of wire-meshes on
the top of the ladder in the 50D file, in the SD14 file it is still
recognizable as wire mesh, but the are not resolved as single wires
anymore. and also look at the bird sitting on the top of the handrail
is just not resolved in the SD14 file anymore

i attached an image. the 50D file was converted with raw therapee and
sharpened very slightly to compensate for bayer interpolation. the
SD14 was converted with the latest ACR and not sharpened (i do not
have SPP). i didn't want to try any upscaling or downscaling as the
scaled image would always have a disadvantage over the unscaled one.

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