Why 2:3?

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When 35mm was 4x3

A bit of history. Before the 24mm x 36 mm "still" 35mm image there was the 24mm x 18 mm "movie" 35mm image. Since movie film ran vertically through those cameras, the traditional movie aspect ratio was 4 wide by 3 high, just like the more recent NTSC and PC video. Once there even were numerous "half frame" 35mm still cameras the took such 24mm x 18 mm images.

When you put two such movie frames together and run the film horizontally through your early Leica, you got a 6 wide by 4 high (or 3x2) aspect ratio image. Thus was the "full frame" 35mm still image born.

So, a case can be made that the 4x3 image aspect ratio has precedence over the now seemingly traditional 3x2.

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