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Av versus P mode difference (XS/1000D)

Started Nov 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
Dave 2008 Regular Member • Posts: 318
Re: Av versus P mode difference (XS/1000D)

KALEL33 wrote:

In other words, P uses the flash as a main light source, and Av uses
it as a fill light. Full blast flash from the camera is not very
good and should only be used when absolutely necessary. If you
really want to use flash then look at an external flash...it's night
and day compared to the on camera flash in power and in quality of

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well, P will allow a flash to be used more or less for the main source... because it will attempt to keep the shutter speed high enough for hand held usage which in turn... has the side effect of using flash for more of a main light (assuming indoors / outdoors in dark)

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