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Lin Evans
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Re: Too many sharpening artifacts

Hi Erik,

They both have too many sharpening artifacts including the Canon DPP conversion. Even the SPP large has bad black sharpening halo's around the right side of light upright supports. It's odd that there are not similar strength white sharpening halo's on the blue sky background. Usually when there are bad black halos there will be corresponding bad white ones.

The Photozoom spline interpolation definitely has bad sharpening artifacts, but I don't believe these are a result of the Photozoom interpolation but rather that the original was oversharpened.

The 50D jpeg has less obvious sharpening artifacts but the DPP conversion has bad white and white halos surrounding all structures.

Having said this, I doubt that any of these artifacts would have any serious adverse effect on most prints. On the other hand if this image was destined to be printed at A0 size I would not want to print any of them. All sharpening should be left until interpolation is complete and only then would it be practical to determine the degree of sharpening or deconvolution required for an optimal print.l

See halos on the 50D DPP conversion below:


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