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Can you advice on the best way to calibrate the 20" LCD on my PC. I use the color control potion under Control Panels, but that gives me a very basic way. is there a software I can use? Thanks.

JasonReplica wrote:

I know a lot of this is down to personal choice - and many people
haven't got used to LCD screens yet - but as someone who's used both
LCD and CRT monitors during 20 years in the professional imaging and
print industires, I can assure you that a well calibrated and
profiled LCD will be well up to the task of commercial imaging.
Noting your comment that "Apple LCDs do look brighter and nicer." I
wonder if your screen is calibrated and profiled at the correct
luminance level (brightness). I ask as many users who we train have
their monitors set "bright and nice" to their eyes but not set to the
correct level to give "correct and accurate" results for print
matching and proper colour management. Just my thoughts
Replica Imaging Limited
Derbyshire UK

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