Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Some sanity restored

I printed the middle section to an equivalent print size of about 20 inches for the whole image.

On the print to my eyes the Canon image still seems somewhat superior in detail and realism but only by a small amount. You would only see it if you were looking for it and it is broadly in line with the pixel count advantage over the Kodak.

Phew, just goes to show that what you see at 100% rarely means anything in a print.

I'll take your advice and try and produce some more optimal prints as well a double check - perhaps that will equalize things. I'd still be interested to know exactly at what print dimensions become visible.


It's also worth noting that the Sigma's crop factor gives it a noticeable telephoto effect advantage if the lens is good.

SandyF wrote:
DMillier wrote:

I'm printing some sections of these images now to get a better

I'd suggest at least that you print from a properly processed X3F RAW
rather than the embedded default JPEG. We know that the photos from
RAWs are better than the JPEG engine.

We also don't know the breeze factor ... there are ripples on the
water... presumably the leaves/trees were blowing too.

Best regards, Sandy

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