Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: Bayer - Foveon comparison

Pretty different interpretation from mine.

These sorts of differences in opinion continue to amaze me - and I'm not claiming any special skill in judgement here - but it seems to me that you are plain wrong!

Clearly there is a big colour difference - who can say which is accurate but this could be eliminated or reduced with processing.

But the big shock is the huge resolution advantage of the canon - quite different to the Kodak 14nx vs Sd14 test and quite startling for me.

Rather than argue with words, here's some evidence.

Try this:

  • equalize the file sizes (I used bicubic to 6000px just so both files went through the process)

  • add some substantial sharpening to bring out the differences.

-Compare at 100%


SD14 (textured surface):


Sd14 (foliage - where SD is reputed to be good):


To my eyes the difference is about as great as the difference between a 6MP and 12MP camera.

Personally, i'd want to verify this with other shots, as the difference is surprisingly out of step with what I'd expect but from what I'm seeing here, I'd have to question DPreview's critcisms of the 50D - in resolution at least, it looks to be in a different class.

I wonder how big a print you would need to show this.

SigmaChrome wrote:

Pretty much what I would have expected.

Foveon: Rich, full and ripe colour and tones. Sigma: Really need to
nail the exposure accurately. In this case, it seems pretty good.

Bayer: Acceptable but flat colour and tones. Canon: Really need to
nail the exposure accurately.

Did I say the same thing about exposure for both Canon and Sigma...
Well... I did too. Have a look at the rendition of the sky in the
Canon 50D shot: Flat, dull and boring - But it's a 14bit, 15MP file
(in RAW) - so there is plenty more information that can still be
recovered. The SD14 picked up all that info - and more without having
to look for it.

That's MHO, for what it's worth.


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