K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

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Re: No problem here with K20D at -20°C

Can the images be saved with PP ? they only look bad, to my eye, at large the
Must have been pretty cold for the participants !

Russell Evans wrote:

Most batteries will be less efficient in cold, the issue with your
lens getting stuck, but being able to free it by nudging it, is also
consistent with an under powered energy source. It is only a
suggestion, take it or leave it, but I would buy a new battery and
charger just to see. It's not like you won't use both in the future,
especially if you get a charger that doubles as a car charger.

A charger with blown circuitry can overcharge a battery and that can
lead to advanced aging of the batteries. I would imagine there is
little QC done on the chargers as it is probably a third party
manufacture. There also has to be some that fai,l as nothing is
perfect, so somewhere out there are people with chargers that have
issues, why not you?

Very interesting, thanks for the info

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