Dilemma: Pros and Cons of D300 vs. D700

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The other way around

mp101 wrote:

DPreview seems to hilight 2 main cons for the D700, for example vs. D300

  • A higher softness

  • A lower dynamic range leading to clipping the highlights.

Of course the pro is the ISO behaviour (I'm referring not only to
high ISO, but also to 200-400 ISO, where D300 seems to very weak,
causing very often noise in the sky or in blurred backgrounds).

So, I really appreciate comments from experienced users.


ps. I don't care other differences

It is absolutely the opposite to what you suggest. The D700 compared to the D300;

  • Sharper (at least in the middle of the image). It is more forgiving on poor lens resolution due to larger pixels.

  • Higher dynamic range. The larger pixels have a larger full well capacity and lower photon noise.

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