R2880 BW not using driver's BW mode?

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Re: R2880 BW not using driver's BW mode?
  • will there be a difference, with emphasis on neutrality, between:

a. an RGB b/w image printed with printer NOT set to "advanced b&w photo"
b. same RGB image (color version) printed with printer set to
"advanced b&w photo"
does the R2880 produce "perfectly neutral" b/w prints when NOT in
""advanced b&w photo" color mode?

You will need a good printer profile to get neutral B&W prints via the RGB color mode. But this is generally possible on the R2880. For example, the Epson-supplied profiles for the Epson papers are pretty good in this regard.

In general, you will get better B&W neutral consistency across lighting conditions when printing with the ABW driver mode. It is subtle but it is there. Other advantages of the ABW mode include generally a higher d-max and improved print permanence characteristics. The main downside is less control over color toning if you prefer to tone your B&W prints; it can be done using the ABW driver's Advanced settings via a color wheel, but you cannot do lightness-dependent color toning this way (i.e., no split toning). Not an issue if you're only interested in neutral B&W.

Note that the ABW driver mode usually involves 6 inks (Black, Light Black, Light Light Black, Light Cyan, Light (Vivid) Magenta, and Yellow), with an emphasis on the first 3.

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