4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: IF you want

genotypewriter wrote:

Evidence? From personal experience, they didn't feel any better
except for the illusion of better construction because of the extra

why am i thinking
you need all the experience you can get
with lenses of all things, you get what you pay for

and faster,

Umm... lens speed is for two reasons... 1. for exposure, 2. for
DOF... while a 300 2.8 zuiko gives higher shutter speeds than a 600
f/4, the smaller sensor requires more than 1 stop of extra light to
avoid noise. In terms of DOF, a 300 2.8 is like a 600 5.6... that's
the end of it.

the end of it means that in this case 4/3 loses 1 stop against FF, and defeats APSC with the same lens, so much for the upgrade possibility

this in an environment where DoF is less of a consideration b/se tele lenses have all the separation that is required. OTOH what is missing for Ff users is sharpness wide open

nobody in 4/3rds need to shoot at FF dof levels, more often then not, too shallow a dof is a problem for FF.

As in this case a 600mm lens at F4 on FF at 50ft is a mere 6", at the same aperture is 12" on 4/3rds, far more useful

go away

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