4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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These are what I disagree with:

150/2, (300 EFL) 1350g v/s 300/2.8 IS 2.550g

No... it's like a 300 f/4.

300/2.8, (600 EFL) 3290g v/s Canon EF 600mm 5,360g

Point 1: No again, it's like a 600 f/5.6

Point 2: A 300mm lens is a 300mm lens. The canon version has in-lens
IS, fast USM, 4 additional elements and 2 more groups over the zuiko
and is still 750g lighter. That's the joke here.

90-250/2.8 (180-500 EFL) 3270g v/s well you dont actually have one
there, what about a slower non IS 500mm/4 prime at 3,870g

Point 1: It's like a 180-500 f/5.6... the 200-400 f/4 VR is the same
weight and price

Point 2: A 500 f/4 is only 1 stop slower but has 2 or more stops of a
noise advantage.

150 f/2.0 is never like 300 f/4.0, and 90-250/f2.8 is never like a 180-500 f/5.6.

In my mind 35mm format is already a matter of the past. Now with the 4/3 system, I only need to know 25mm is my standard lens. Below which is wide angle, above which is tele.

150/2 is a super fast super tele to me, it's largest aperture is F2.0. 90-250/2.8 is a fast super tele zoom, it's largest aperture is F2.8. Why should I need to care what their 35mm equivalent are? My camera will set correct exposure for me automatically, just like any type of camera.

Similarly, when I use my Mamiya 645 with digi-back. All I need to remember is now my standard lens became 75mm.

Just imagine a world without 35mm, everything is going to be fine.

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