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Re: Vista bloat

Tony Sx wrote:

The point is Vista puts a big footprint on your system.

Yes, just like xp has a bigger footprint than w2k, which has a bigger footprint than win98, etc. So why do people give such a hard time to vista about this ?

I run Win2K with AVG free and Zonealarm free. Have stayed bug-free
for a long time.

When I said overhead, I was talking footprint in cpu and memory, not price. Your firewall and antivirus may be free, but you still need them. And new system vulnerabilities are being discovered every day, which are no longer patched for w2k, vulnerabilities that your av and firewall might not protect you against.

Think your machine would last more than a few minutes without any of them ?

Well mine has....

Really ? you're saying your w2k machine is running fine without a firewall or antivirus ?

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