4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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35mm FF prices far more than most will ever pay for a camera

MikkoKalavainen wrote:

The bulk of normal 35mm system lenses makes impractical for most users? How on earth have we managed to take perfectly good pictures with our bulky lenses for 80 years?

I agree up to a point, but most of us could could never afford the cost or bulk of the 500mm or longer telephoto lenses that some wildlife photography needs, so smaller formats with higher sensor resolutions (l/mm) get the job done far better within those cost and weight limits. With for example four times the pixel count, twice the linear resolution from a given focal length with the coming 12MP E-30 or the current Panasonic G1 compared to Nikon's 12MP 35mm format DSLR's.

And if one get super-telephoto reach in 35mm format with a very slow long lens like 600mm f/8 (say with a teleconverter) one is probably better of with a shorter, brighter lens and lower ISO speed with a higher sensor resolution in a smaller format: say 400mm, f/5.6 and 1/2 the ISO speed, or 300mm, f/4 and 1/4 the ISO speed.

And the D700/5D are not really that expensive, even when compared to what digital cameras cost 10 years ago.

An irrelevant comparison: what counts is what most people are willing and able to pay for an SLR, and comparison to the prices of the current smaller format DSLR options. For the great majority of SLR buyers, it never has and probably never will make sense to pay anything close to the US$2700+ price of the current 35mm format DSLRs (far more than EOS-1 or F5 film cameras used to cost) especially given that the smaller DSLR formats now give most of the performance that most of us need at a far lower price.

I would guess that most DSLR sales will eventually be at prices under US$1000, if they are not already.

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