deciding between D300 and D90...

Started Nov 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
ThomasMiller Senior Member • Posts: 2,735
Re: check this recent test of sensors

rhlpetrus wrote:

They are not same. I included 450D as comparison. (appareil1) 262|0 (appareil2) 202|0 (appareil3) 185|0 (onglet) 0 (brand) Nikon (brand2) Nikon (brand3) Canon

No, the specs are slightly different, but in actual shooting the results look about identical. If I was going to pixel peep like a nut I'd say the D90 looks better at ISO 1600 and below. The D300 looks better at ISO 2000 and above. But it's VERY close on either side.

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