dpreview test of FA 50 /f1.4

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Re: They do...

sir_bazz wrote:

genotypewriter wrote:

The Canon version with a widely proven 5 stops of effective
stabilisation, this lens can be handheld at 1/13 on a 1.6x body
(!!!!) to get sharp images.

Not bad, not bad.

Nearly as good as the 510mm


at 1/15 I consistently hit

My hands are really shakey... I'm sure I'm getting in excess of 5 stops in reality

with the inferior inbody IS system.

Yes, in body IS is quite inferior because it doesn't stabilise the viewfinder especially at long focal lengths.

I reckon if the Canon systems weren't so heavy then then the users
would get better results.

Weight can be an advantage too... have you tried handholding a 20x megazoom without stabilisation?


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