E3 loses the plot

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E3 loses the plot

Hello all,

I've just spent a day shooting moving dogs at a dog show, something I do on a regular basis with relative success (70% of photos taken usually get sold). I shoot with the E3 and 50 - 200 which is the perfect focal length for an Aussie dog showing ring (outdoors).

I also have the 12-60 and 7-14 with TC 1.4, so my overall lens range is perfect for what I shoot, anything from 7 to 280mm and able to be carried easily and conveniently all in one bag for my somewhat small frame (female 55kg/ 8 1/2 stone). I'm extremely happy with the lens lineup that I have but there are times when a higher burst rate and lower light capabilities at the same time would be a big advantage, particularly with indoor shows as most of my best shots are of a fast moving subject (I know, something that most cameras aren't designed to cope with and most flashes aren't designed for the distance/burst rate I shoot at).

Anyway, just for something different, last week I thought I'd tweak the camera settings a bit and changed from sRGB to Adobe RGB. I also altered the metering from ESP to centre weighted. I usually shoot with with the centre spot focus to best track a moving subject. This time I thought I'd try the diamond pattern.

The weather was somewhat overcast but quite bright at times (keeping in mind it's nearly summer here and there's no real lack of light).

The entire day I had problems getting it to focus in time for a good shot. It was getting very confused between the subject (at 200mm and almost wide open aperatures to keep the shutter speed up over 1/640) and the background. Hunting was an issue the entire day. The major issues were with shooting moving black labradors against white tents and bright exhibitors' clothing on the move. I was starting to lose the will to live!! and wondering what had gone wrong with my precious E3 which up until then had done such a good job. I'd completely forgotten about all the other setting changes, just the colour.

In the meantime, I have been doing a bit of research on the D700 which although way out of my price range, would probably fill the gap between where the e3 drops the bundle in low light for moving subjects combined with low light restrictions.

So upon reviewing the photos at the end of the day, over 50% were deleted, a very disappointing result. There were a lot of 'not quite focussed' shots and a lot where the general colouration and highlights were all over the place. The colour also looked quite washed out on my monitor. It's taken me until now to realise that I stupidly changed too many settings too quickly and have now paid the price. I was blaming my poor little E-3 and it's only just dawned on me that it's my own stupid fault! I usually have it set up on My Mode 1 as shutter priority, burst, CAF, small spot focus, ISO 100, NR off, sRGB, ESP metering, IS off and just go straight to that every time I'm at a show.

So, after my expensive lesson, I've taught myself, 'If it aint broken, don't fix it' and to leave successful settings as they are. Change for change sake isn't always a good idea!!

Luckily I have the bookkeeping to fall back on for this week's income!! LOL

There are times when a D700 would be a huge advantage but until I start getting regularly asked to do the low light/indoor shoots as the main photographer, it's not warranted.

If I win the lottery I'll buy the D700 as a 'backup' but the E-3 and oly lenses do a mighty job when they're correctly setup.' ...... DOH!!!

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