4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: IF you want

genotypewriter wrote:

Olympus lied when it said they're making lighter, fast focusing
lenses. Apart from being much heavier than their 35mm counterparts
(e.g. zuiko 300 2.8 vs. canon 300 2.8 IS), Oly also makes them with
bigger apertures to compensate for the sensor noise which in turn
makes the lenses twice and four times as heavy as they should be.

they didnt lie, you are just to silly or arogant to pick up what it means

you step in and out of equivalence when it suits you, like the rest of the FF trolls that come here.

The important aspect to these FL is the EFL. The effective focal length is what you look for when you pick up the lens for the job it has to do. Yet for some reason you find it justifiable to argue FL to FL, and then argue dof differences for F stops

like a true troll,
.........go back to where you belong troll
the canon forum.................

no one notices the contrast of white on white

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