4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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The Biggest Irony

Before digital it was common to hear claims that Medium Format film was the smallest serious format for proper photographers and that 35mm film was a minature format not really suited for serious photography. Most of the reasons given for this are exactly those now put forward by FF DSLR users who deride all smaller formats i.e. diffraction, resolving power of lenses, film grain size = noise.

So previously camera snobs derided the 36mm x 24mm format for the same reasons that are now used to deride smaller formats. What do FF DSLRs have in common with Medium Format film cameras in the era previous to digital. What they have in common is that most enthusiasts use smaller formats because of the issue of cost and bulk. So you have a smug minority looking down at what they consider to be lesser photographers because of the smaller format they use. This has never has applied to most of those who just use FF digital or Medium Format film for taking photographs and understand that all formats have advantages and disadvantages. It only applies to the few that think the equipment they have makes their photographs superior.

Is it not ironic and very amusing that the 36mm x 24mm format previously derided by camera snobs, is now the format seen as superior by the very same type of camera snobs. A common argument put forward by Medium Format film users for the superiority of their system was that 35mm film (36mm x 24mm) just cropped a smaller part of the image circle from the lens and so the apparent gain in magnification you got with 35mm film was not real - because it was gained by cropping. Deja Vu.

Finally, have a look at the winners of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. This is one of the biggest and most prestigious international competitions of its type. Do you notice how many of these shots were taken on formats less than FF digital. http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit-us/whats-on/temporary-exhibitions/wpy/onlineGallery.do

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