4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: Well, when you have 40MP

genotypewriter wrote:

fldspringer wrote:

genotypewriter wrote:

And to say that the smaller sensor isn't a viable option is just
plain wrong.

If I said it's not viable then I wouldn't say "there's a place for
everything", right?

You seem to be marketing snake oil. Isn't that the purpose for your
visit here?

You're missing the point... let me reiterate till me and everyone
else gets dizzy: saying that a fourthirds can do everything that a
35mm FF can do is wrong.

In several cases, true. The same can be said in reverse too.

[stuff deleted]

And what sort of an answer is "They are just that way"? lol I've
tried the 300 2.8... it's almost 1Kg heavier than the canon one
(300mm is 300mm and 4/3 image circle is supposed to be smaller!) and
it doesn't even have SWD or stabilisation. If you call it a 600mm
equivalent lens then it's still creates a 600mm f/5.6 equivalent
shot. There's no 600 f4 in oly land.

I've also tried the 150 f/2... nice lens but again no SWD or view
finder stabilisation and 400g heavier than the canon one (300 f/4 IS)
with in-lens stabilisation and IS LOL

I tried the 90-250 2.8 too... nice lens but same story goes... no
SWD, no VF IS even in such a long lens... the Nikon 200-400 f4 VR is
the same weight and price... why bother with the oly when the nikon
is a much better lens?

You do realize that the e-510, e-520, e-3 all have IS in the body, so in 4/3rds you can have IS support in all lenses, including stuff like the Leica F1.4 Panasonic Prime lens. Imagine that 2-3 stops of IS on a lens like that. Is there such a thing in full frame?

All that with the cheap e-520 at $500 or so USD, which can use the ultra high quality ultra wide 7-14. If you have an APS_C mount and want that wide with quality you are forced to go Full Frame and buy the best lens there available. No IS.

Also any of the lenses you mention weather sealed? Because all Olympus 4/3rd lenses are from the medium grade rating and up, which is the majority of the system. Every single lens you quoted is weather sealed. How is it on the other side?

I am not saying 4/3rds is perfect but there are advantages. It's up to each photographer to decide what works for them and what doesn't.

Looks like Oly has been selling snake oil all along...

Yeah. Sure. Right. Right..


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