4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: IF you want

genotypewriter wrote:

Art_P wrote:

a lens w a sweet spot, stick to 35mm... that is if you want to crop
out the edges to take advantage of it... and wast all that sensor
real estate around the edges. Not saying -no- Canikon lens is sharp
corner to corner, but if you want one that is, you gotta pay (up
front and with your back)

but w most of the Zuilkos, it's all sweet, no spot

Every lens performs differently from the center to corner. It could
be that the few good Zuiko lenses that are available are made
relatively better than the average 35mm lens.

There isn't "the few good Zuiko lenses available" - there are quite a bit of them by now.

Sorry, but you'll never convince me a bigger, heavier, more expensive
camera and lens is a better choice to get the same results.

You can't get the same DOF or the light as given by some 35mm
lenses... plain and simple.

Yes, by some. But this is not a one sided rule fo "win for 35" as you portray. Having more DOF on 4/3rds means you can open the aperture more, get more light in, while keeping a comparable DOF. There are pros and cons.

Oh btw, some Zuiko lenses are heavier than the 35mm counter parts.

But they are higher quality, and faster, for the most part. Also weather/sand/dust sealed.


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