4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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The point about 4/3rd lenses...

genotypewriter wrote:

Art_P wrote:

OK, you can get a 40MP 35mm format body, shoot w a 50-200, and crop
down to give you 2X magnification at 10MP, and you'll be using the
sweet spot of the lens, and get an image on a par with what you'd get
from a 4/3 body & lens...

Aren't FourThirds lenses supposed to be creating an image circle just
to cover a FourThirds sensor? So where's the sweet spot? I think
you've just opened a really big can of worms here...

Is that most of the "sweet spot" is that circle, because the standard was designed from the beginning to account for that. Of course, I don't expect you to believe me- look at the many reviews of 4/3rd lenses out. This is just one reason they are so good.

Having a small sensor doesn't solve more problems than it introduces
for anyone except maybe macro shooters. The sad truth is, a FF sensor
and a lens can recreate a shot taken by a fourthirds systems... but
no one bothers to when they can do more.

Well using rare high quality glass, it can- assuming we go within the limitations of 4/3rds dynamic range and to an extent resolution (I would pick an E-3 over what I am seeing with the Canon 50D honestly). But then you have a bigger (and more expensive) camera to carry around. It's all about tradeoffs.

You can get ultra high quality ultra wide glass and pair that with a cheap e-410/e-420. You have to get a full frame camera to do the same thing. The lens may cost about the same. The e-420 can be had now for like $425.00 USD. What is the closest high quality FF camera.. 5D for $2300-$2500 USD? (and the ultra wide in 4/3rds is better than the Canon's- go figure).


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