Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

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Re: Here's some examples that may help

Nicholas_H wrote:

Wow...this thread is so confusing!

I am moving from a 40D to a 5DmII. One of my concerns is that my
longest lens is a 70-200 and I'm trying to understand what moving
from a 10.1MP 1.6 crop camera to a 21.1MP FF camera will mean in
terms of cropping and keeping quality.

It looks like if I crop the 5DmII photo to 1.6 to match what I would
have shot from the 40D, I'll end up with a photo that has a little
less resolution than my 40D pic had, but the pixels in the 5DmII pic
should be sharper and less noisy.

Is that correct and if not can someone explain this without invoking
the spirit of calculus!


You are absolutely correct. Enough said.

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