Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

Started Nov 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
Greg Pavlov Senior Member • Posts: 1,888
Re: Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

To calculate "reach" you also have to factor in the difference in sensor sizes (else an 8MP "full frame" sensor would have the same reach as a 8MP C sensor).

LeonXTR wrote:

10mp vs 21mp = (almost)100% more pixels = (almost)50%more pixels on
each side of the sensor

1DIII: 3888 x 2592
1DsIII: 5616 x 3744

3888 X 150% =5832(1DsIII 5616),like i said,almost 50% more
2592 X 150% =3888(1DsIII 3744),like i said,almost 50% more

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