4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: 4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

clevechan wrote:

A friend using Nikon FF told me recently that the E520 system I am
using has no focal length advantage when he saw me happily snapping
away with my 50-200swd toy.


As I am new to photography, and too embarrass to attempt to reply to
his remark, could someone here explain to me in more details what he
meant and whether he is right?

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Let me explain something simple to you, that you will no doubt continue to observe as you study photography.

Your friend owns a Nikon. Everyone who owns a Nikon is in love with the Nikon system, the Nikon Mystique, the somehow unquestioned "professional" status that they feel they acquire with the purchase of each new piece of "genuine" Nikon equipment. When they see a piece of equipment that may in some way be superior to theirs, they immediately become defensive.

It has been this way since the film days, and will continue going forward. Perhaps it originated in an inferiority complex vis-a-vis Leica. I wasn't around to observe it.

Now we can add to the mix the snobbery and defensiveness of digital camera users (especially those Nikon-worshippers) toward film camera users.

On the other hand, we Olympus users are guilty of a much more subtle form of snobbery.

We don't have to have a camera strap that proclaims "OLYMPUS," or a jacket with Olympus emblazoned on it. But we do like a good row (fight for those not in the UK) when our equipment is criticized.

And as I am professedly guilty, I simply know that my OM-4T is a better camera than Nikon could ever produce (if only Olympus would return to this philosophy). I know that Olympus created the first SLR that you could actually carry without a tow truck (my old Nikkormatt is not missed). That my OM-2 was the first camera with Off-The-Film metering. And that the 4T and 3T were the first with Flash sync basically to infinity. That was what? 1982 or 3? As far as I know, no other system but Olympus has this even 25 years later. Why is it that OM-3Ts in decent condition are selling for more than some current new pro level digital cameras?

Olympus has been the leader and innovator since its inception. I hope that can continue. Go to a used camera dealer and behold the beasts that were being sold when the OM-1 appeared. No wonder people still wanted rangefinders.

As some others in this thread have pointed out, and you yourself realized, maybe we should just learn to take better photos with the equipment we have chosen.

Don't rise to the bait. You become as insecure and defensive as they are. Use what they throw at you to learn more; then keep your mouth shut and smile inside.

Nick Russo

And in between the moon and you, the angels get a better view of the crumbling difference between wrong and right

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