4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Cropping creates the angle of view with all cameras

All cameras that don't produce circular images with fuzzy edges crop the image circle. The 36mm x 24mm format (whether 35mm film or FF digital) creates a specific angle of view with say a 400mm lens, by cropping its image circle. There are just different formats and different degrees to which an image circle is cropped. This has always been the same. Its just that on bigger formats the lens needs to be designed to give better coverage over a wider image circle.

ALL FORMATS THAT ARE SQUARE OR RECTANGULAR CROP THE IMAGE. That is unless there is just a circular image within that rectangle.

Anyone that takes say a 400mm lens to represent a particular angle of view, is talking about the effect that a certain crop has on creating this angle of view. So I will repeat it again, a 400mm lens creates a certain angle of view on FF digital or 35mm by cropping the image circle into a 36mm x 24mm rectangle. The image circle projected by the lens is just that, circular. So how does it become a 36mm x 24mm rectangle. Draw a circle that covers a 36mm x 24mm rectangle and tell me what happens to the rest of it.

This is why it is semantic nonsense to insist that formats smaller than FF crop the image. They might crop more - but it is most certainly not the case that one crops, and the other does not. FF crops more of the image circle than MF, which crops more of it than Large Format. There are different formats. Each have their particular advantages and disadvantages.

I can remember with film that there used to be lots of MF snobs who sniffingly referred to 35mm film as a minature format - claiming 35mm wasn't for serious photographers. It is so ironic that now I see the same silly arguments trotted out for anything under 36mm x 24mm format - accusing anything below this of somehow cheating. They claim anything below 36mm x 24mm is just cropping. These are just word games.

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