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Re: wishful thinking

Alex McLeod wrote:

You realise that getting video from a digital camera requires no
additional parts, right?

No, I don't realize that and neither do you. It requires sound recording and synch, thus requires more additional support electronics, at a minimum.

You do realize, of course, that the d90 video has huge limitations. Read Hogan's review and read the d90 forum and then read the forums devoted to the workarounds to "fix" a few of the video issues.

You do realize that the cheapest pocket video cam will do the job easier and better than the d90, right?

You do realize that the complaints about the d90 video and the requests for additional Video features could and likely will result in even more valuable resources being spent on video rather than on photography. Of course, no videophile cares about having a less capable camera for photography, so that's okay, right?

You do realize that for every engineer devoted to video means one less engineer devoted to still camera and lens development, along with the money associated with same. Less money and less engineers working on the photographic instrument means less progress for photography. There are no complaints about existing camera performance or lenses and no desires for improvements in either lenses or cameras, right?

You do realize that there are a finite number of features in any given camera at any given price point, thus video is a "feature" that has to replace a photographic feature.

I don't know why I have to explain this for you - it's not exactly
rocket science. You could easily have figured this out for yourself...


Er... Who says they would've added CAM3500 if they hadn't added video?

It isn't there, video is, what else do you need to know?

Well, as I asked, I would like to know why you're so sure they
would've added CAM3500 if they hadn't added video.

Given that we know that there are finite features in any given camera at any given price point, we know that video replaced at least 1 photographic feature. We also know that the d200 and d80 shared the same AF module. We know that the d90 and d300 sensors are roughly identical. It is more than reasonable and logical to believe that were it not for video, the d90 would have had and should have had cam3500.

CAM3500 is pretty fancy - it's in the D3, even - but the D90 is just
a mid-range camera aimed more at enthusiasts than pros. It doesn't
need CAM3500 to be competitive in its price-range.

CAM3500 would have made the d90 a lot more competitive in its price range, for photographers. Photography "enthusiasts" in this price segment, would certainly appreciate advanced AF. You only need to read the various forums, including canon, to see the issues/limitations involved with and complaints about consumer AF performance and the complaints about the need to buy much more expensive bodies to get good, SOA AF performance. Indeed, I and many others would likely have purchased a d90 as a backup to the d300. Do a poll in the d90 forum and see how many would prefer SOA AF over video.

If you don't want a D400 with video, I'm sure you could buy one and
just have the video feature removed.

Yet another brilliant statement........ It's okay with you that people that don't want video, pay for it and lose photographic capability at the same time. How magnanimous you are.

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