Help...I can't decide (16-85 vs 18-200)

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Re: Help...I can't decide (16-85 vs 18-200)

For your situation, I would agree (I can't believe it :> )) with Lord Nikon and others on the 18-200. I own both the 16-85 and 18-200 and think highly of both for different purposes. For your stated purposes, particularly in light of your wife's needs, I'd get the 18-200 and not look back. The 16-85 is a little better in their shared range, especially edge sharpness, but you have to look hard to see it. Plus, you get a greatly extended range with 18-200. For all-around shooting fun and freedom in a one-lens solution, the 18-200 is the one to get. It's one thing to test lenses in labs and another to actually use them. I think the professional analyses are useful where high quality results are required, but in real world shooting, the 18-200 is very much underrated.


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