4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

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Re: Well, when you have 40MP

Rriley wrote:

genotypewriter wrote:

Art_P wrote:

OK, you can get a 40MP 35mm format body, shoot w a 50-200, and crop
down to give you 2X magnification at 10MP, and you'll be using the
sweet spot of the lens, and get an image on a par with what you'd get
from a 4/3 body & lens...

Aren't FourThirds lenses supposed to be creating an image circle just
to cover a FourThirds sensor? So where's the sweet spot? I think
you've just opened a really big can of worms here...

if it is,....... its a FF kind of can of worms
he's talking about a sweet spot on a FF lens/camera system, not 4/3rds

So FF can have a sweet spot and fourthirds doesn't... how is that a bad thing for FF? LOL

might help if you actually read what is said before shooting your
mouth off

That's the problem with the world thesedays... too many can read but only a very few can think.


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