Profoto compact 300 to freeze motion

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Results from a small freeze motion test

Though somebody could find this interesting so here's my method and my conclusion.

I started by letting a test subject jump up in the air and do some ballet and dance poses. I lighted the subject with one of my Profoto 300ws Compact units triggered via an old fassion PC-sync cord to maximize the dependability. I tried different power settings (full, 1/2 and 1/4) and then switched to one of my Metz 45CL units. Repeated the procedure at different manual power settings (full, 1/4 and 1/16).

The results were difficult to analyse in a scientific point of view due to the randomness of the subject, the jumps were not exactly the same throughout the experiment.

So I changed tactic and built a device that accelerated a test object to about 5m/s and repeated the test procedure. The object was travelling vertically across the frame at a distance of about 2m from the camera.

The results from this test were very easy to analyse via visual inspection of the fuzziness of the test object.

The Metz at full power has about the same ability to freeze motion as the Profoto Compact. The fuzziness was rather considerable and I would say unusable.

The Profoto performs about the same at any power with respect to freezing motion.

The Metz at 1/4 and 1/16 power freezes an object moving at 5 m/s at a 2m from the camera without any problem.

A comment as well is that if the dancer is in full control of her body and I shoot at the peek of her trajectory the photograph will look good with the Profoto, but it's a hard for the dancer to keep hands and legs still while in the air. Even some of the photos of the dancer with the Metz at low power didn't look any better than the others.

We shall see how I will do at the time of my real shoot, and maybe I will post some pics here.

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