Help...I can't decide (16-85 vs 18-200)

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Help...I can't decide (16-85 vs 18-200)

I have finally decided on the D90 over the D300. I am an enthusiast but my wife wants a quality (and always ready) point and shoot. So, I figure that the D300 is to big and to intimidating for her. I do not have a problem with multiple lenses but I cannot decide what to get as a general walk around lens. I want image quality and she wants convenience. I is impossible to have both. Advice would be welcomed here. Here are the pros and cons I have seen so far.

+ Optical quality seems to get great reviews as far as prosumer DX lenses go
+ much less barrel distortion at wide angles
+ not much barrel creep reported, if any
+ 16-17 is actually a big deal to me

  • missing 86-200

  • even with a 70-300, to many lens swaps

  • weight of another lens when I add the 17-300 + another $450 or so

+ super convenient
+ good image quality from 14-135
+ fewer lens changes
+ bag will be lighter overall
+ 86-200 is useful when your kids are in the ocean and you are on the sand

  • lots of barrel distortion at wide angles (even I can see it just playing in the store)

  • reviews are mediocre at best

  • not as wide

  • zoom creep seems to be an issue for everyone

  • $100 more than the 16-85

Regardless which walk around lens I pick, I will probably add a 35mm f/2 and a 50mm f/1.8.

Any advice?

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