Is a 300mm @21mp same as a 600mm@10mp?

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Here's some examples that may help

Actually Andrew dB has is right. Below is a chart I've assembled using pixel density as published here at DPR. It's the pixel density (not pixel count, not crop) that yields effective reach (pixels per duck). DPR publishes pixel density (see camera database) in millions of pixels per cm2. Comparison of associated effective reach are then achieved by comparing the associated square roots of those values (as resolution is linear). See chart below for some comparison values of some popular Nikon and Canon bodies. I'm also including a 100% crop comparison between a 1D3 and a 50D. The 50D image is first. It's intended to give you an idea of the difference in effective reach as a function of pixel density. You can also judge for yourself the per pixel sharpness difference as a result of pixel density.

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