K20D, don't like cold temperatures?

Started Nov 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Grip or no grip

devisor wrote:

latest firmware.. I have also tested this without the grip.. Same

Think I'll try to reflash my cam.. hope that helps. Don't have time
to part with my camera:(.

I would notify Pentax and ask for a replacement as this is not acceptable.

I would test the new one when it arrives. I will test my K20D in the fridge as this could prove troublesome, I have not been on a cold shoot yet. I am very sorry this has happened to you. Obviously if the problem resolves itself when the chip warms up then its a hardware issue and should be withing the tollerance levels.

Others have said that this is VPN, Its not. VPN is a K10D only phenomenon which I also experience and looks nothing like the stripes you have. Hopefully its something they (Pentax) can resolve. I am so sorry your work was wasted like that. And on Good pictures too.

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