4/3 has no focal length advantage-correct him if he is wrong

Started Nov 15, 2008 | Discussions thread
Ehrik Veteran Member • Posts: 8,014
pixel density does the trick

It's the pixel density rather than the FOV multiplicator that gives the
useful extra reach. So he'd need 17 Mp on a Nikon APS-C to match
your 10 Mp camera in reach using lenses with same focal length. The Canon
50D does match your E-520 since it's 15Mp on a slightly smaller sensor than
the Nikon. But when the E-30 comes out, an Oly will again be alone in
having the most "reach" of any DSLR.

I think Oly/Panny should push the pixel density, at least on some models,
to keep this advantage.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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